A new, innovative and unique modular system with endless possibilities. Zubiix is designed to be functional.

Modularity is the key to simple, modern living and Zubiix is designed with this in mind. Perfect for apartment living, office, dorm room, school, day care, retail display, Lego-storage, boat, bathroom, kitchen and much more…

Zubiix allows for multiple arrangements and personalization while still being a practical solution for home and many other spaces, reducing clutter and maximizing the footprint of a small area.

Interchangeable joints and panels are easy to assemble, durable, strong & water proof.

Zubiix Kid’s : Children will enjoy a sense of accomplishment assisting in the building process of their very own piece of furniture. Kids can be creative and add a back panel, a drawer basket or a locker function. Zubiix can be arranged in any pattern for a unique “one of a kind” look.

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results